• ROLE: Janet

  • LOCATION: Clearwater, FL

  • BIRTHDATE: October 7, 1978

  • OCCUPATION: Assistant manager at a greeting card store

  • HOBBIES: Rocky, exotic pets, puzzles, Tomb Raider, horseback riding

  • E-MAIL:

  • ON CAST SINCE: January '96

  • OTHER: Cindy is married to our very own Ed and has performed lead Janet for 3 years in a row on the annual cast, Larger Than Life, at Tampa Theatre. The show averages 1,200 people and this year sold out all 1,446 seats!

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    Sam, the Evil Bio Writer was here!

    Ok, for this bio, I really drew a blank. Usually any recipient of an evil bio would tremble with fear at the sound of an evil bio writer clicking away at his/her keyboard. Cindy, however, is different. Being the nicest member of the cast, Cindy seems to be surrounded by an imprenetrable barrier of anti-cruelty that prevents me from writing anything cruel about her. I mean, for God's sake, it took me and Ed 6 months of intensive conditioning to get her to say the words "Pig Fucker"!!! AND SHE APOLOGIZED AFTERWARDS!!! The woman cannot be cruel if she was struck by mutative radiation that would inadvertantly turn her into a monstrous, man-eating blob. DAMN YOU CINDY! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!!

    Cindy is also married to Ed, has been doing the show since early 1996, and switched from Columbia to Janet halfway through her Rocky Carreer. She likes frogs (CHRISTMAS HINT!! CHRISTMAS HINT!!) and all frog-related items, and owns a few of the animals from the notorious Ed & Cindy animal collection. I also hate her.... very very much...

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